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Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Rapid Pain Elimination Round

Pain Elimination

It was fantastic! I feel like I can fly like a bird! Again, thank you so much!
Amanda Boyd

All Over Pain

Personable while professional, amazing experience, surprisingly rapid results after just one session.
As an ex Ballerina with connections to both The Royal Academy of Dance, numerous physiotherapists and therapists for lifelong aches and pains, waking today pain free for the first time in years is true testament that this therapy really does work. It worked for me.
I will be strongly recommending Kevin to all of my contacts friends and loved ones.
All that's left to say is try it for yourself.
Thank you Kevin
Sarah Harrison
Arthritic Pain

Just want to say a big thank you to you Kevin for the Rapid Pain Elimination Treatment you gave me last Friday. It was fast and effective in removing back pain. I felt the muscles in my back and hips relaxing immediately. It really was rapid. There is no need for anyone to be afraid of hypnosis. I was fully conscious of what was going on, as you spoke to my subconscious and my conscious mind was fully aware and engaged. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. You are doing wonderful work Kevin. I am really impressed with the work you are doing with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. Your a life saver and a gift from God. Thank you and blessings
Jane Micklethwaite
Mayor of Millom, Cumbria

Lower Back

I Can highly recommend this therapy, and to anyone doubting if this will work, don’t. I was the biggest sceptic that I knew. When asked if I wanted to partake in a session with Kevin, I had no idea how immediate the results would be, I have suffered with lower back pain for years, and in just one sitting with Kevin it disappeared, I didn’t want to believe it worked, but it did!
Shane Reed
Chief Executive Officer at Odin Events Ltd.

Long Term Chronic Lower Back Pain

I had a video appointment with Kevin today and was amazed by the results! After experiencing chronic lower back pain for 20 + years I have little pain. I know I'm not ready to run a marathon just yet but to have such little pain for one day has put a huge smile on my face.
Elaine Hanson WRAC Veteran
Back & Mobility

I injured my back 15 months ago and have suffered severe back and leg pain since then. I also became very depressed. From day one I noticed an immediate improvement and started to walk short distances using a walking stick before the pain started. After several sessions I have become so much more mobile and able to walk longer distances unaided. I now feel much better in myself and fully motivated in my attempt to achieve a full recovery. My family and friends have also commented on how much better I look in myself.

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking & Alcohol

Brilliant. I was worried at first wouldn't work etc.. but after 1 session I am not smoking. I have also cut right down on my alcohol intake as I was drinking regularly after work and feeling really fed up with myself. I am now feeling great thanks to Kevin's help. Definitely worth it!
Leanne Marie Maddison

Hello Kevin, it will be 9 weeks tomorrow when you changed my life for the better with hypnosis for stopping smoking and I can't thank you enough. When I came for my session, I was really nervous but you had me relaxing within 5 minutes and I felt totally at ease. As I explained to you I wanted to stop smoking for health reasons and also the expense of buying cigarettes. I came to you with a terrible smokers cough and within 3 days of quitting, my cough had stopped. I also suffered with constant headaches and sinusitis which also affected my ears but now that has all cleared up. At the time I must admit that I thought your services were quite expensive but when i worked out how much I spent on cigarettes I'd actually paid this back in a month and with the money I'm now saving and am on my way to booking another holiday! As you will remember I told you that I was desperate to stop smoking and you were my last chance to do it as I'd already tried with patches, Nicorette chewing gum, vaporisers, chews and anything else that was bought over the counter but nothing worked. Therefore, I would recommend you to anyone who wants to stop smoking and you have, once again my heartfelt admiration and gratitude.
Thank you Janet xx

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Addiction

Alcohol & Addiction

Coke Addiction

Please share. I would like to get every other Diet Coke drinker to STOP!
Coke Addiction Victoria Sedgewick Photography
Victoria Sedgewick

Smoking & Alcohol

Brilliant. I was worried at first wouldn't work etc.. but after 1 session I am not smoking. I have also cut right down on my alcohol intake as I was drinking regularly after work and feeling really fed up with myself. I am now feeling great thanks to Kevin's help. Definitely worth it!
Leanne Marie Maddison

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. PTSD Trauma

Trauma and Anxiety

Acute Traumatic Stress

Kevin, you are brilliant! When my 10 year old son was diagnosed with Acute Traumatic Stress Reaction after a move to a different part of the country - was unable to walk, was very unhappy and couldn't face going to school. After four sessions you have completely cured him. He is walking, jumping about and going cheerfully to school.
I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering from emotional or physical problems.
Thank you with all my heart.
Chrissie Berry

Hi Kevin, just an update. I fell asleep on the settee last night at round 7pm I’m told went to bed and slept through until alarm this morning at 05:30 hrs first time I have done this in years...will keep you updated! Thanks Arrow
Andi Welch RAF Veteran

Absolutely brilliant - I was sceptical before the start, but it has had a hugely positive impact on me.
More thoughts are here:
Wayward Spirit Photography
Thank you Kevin!
Rob Sutherland

I’ve been seeing Kevin for a couple of months now and he had helped me make massive changes. What ever you are suffering with Kevin can help and make amazing changes in your life too. He’s a really nice guy too, that you feel comfortable and relaxed with. Thank you Kevin 🙏 for helping me x
Tracy Hawdon

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Confidence

Confidence & Performance

Business Confidence

I was plagued with anxiety, stress, self-doubt and a lack of confidence. My fear of failure was something I kept very much to myself.
I’d always been a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy - I have been amazed by the results! My new, more positive outlook already seems to be paying dividends. I feel so much more confident to connect with people and follow up those leads; it’s having a very positive impact on my business.
Confidence - Job Interview

I’m not sure how it worked but I certainly left him feeling more positive and optimistic about the interview I had the following week. I actually enjoyed the interview process when it arrived and felt in control and confident. I was pleased to find I was also successful."

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Venice Flying

Fears and Phobias

Fear of Flying

Thought you might like an e-postcard from Venice with a couple of pics from our 40th wedding anniversary trip, as you must take a lot of the credit for it happening at all. It was a fabulous trip and the plane journey was absolutely fine. I actually really enjoyed the return flight as I knew I wasn't going to be worried.
I just wanted to say a thank you from both of us.
With love and thanks from Venice.

Hi DOREEN here. Well I went on my Caribbean cruise, I went on a 10 hours flight going and the same coming back, with no problem at all, no panicking , no anxiety; nothing just got on enjoyed the flight and drinks. I had my dinner & watched movies; so thank you so much; I could not believe how I was ! My husband was very impressed with me. I did sit there thinking what's happened to me, because I would be in bits normally; but there was nothing, not even when there was turbulence, I didn’t even panic! I'm looking forward to going to India next year, the worlds my oyster now thanks to you!
I will definitely recommend you to anybody with anxiety! Once again thank you so much.
Fear of Surgery & Claustrophobia

I contacted Kevin as I was facing sinus surgery and I had a real phobia about not being able to breath through my nose. A problem I had for many years, along with claustrophobia.
Happily I can report my surgery took place this week and I was not at all anxious post surgery - I even managed to tolerate an oxygen mask all night!
I feel very positive going forward and an unexpected plus is that my OCD ( which Kevin knew nothing about!) is no longer an issue.
Thank you so much Kevin.

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Water

Fear of Water

Fear of Water

I always loved the thought of surfing or body boarding but lacked the confidence in the sea to be able to pluck up the courage to do it. Although I can swim, the fear of going underwater has always held me back from really enjoying swimming or just being in the sea. I went to see Kevin to help me with all of this and to be able to go surfing with my twins whilst on holiday in Cornwall. After one session with Kevin I felt much more confident and actually had a surfing lesson while on holiday. The next day I went body boarding on my own as well! I loved body boarding and will be doing a lot more of it!
Thank you Kevin for helping me overcome this fear with a very relaxing and easy process!
Nikki Caputa
Nikki Caputa

Testimonials - Transformed Clients. Weight Management

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

I have been able to shed 7lbs of weight I feel absolutely great! I never felt that I could achieve this and I have!
I would like to thank Kevin for helping me to realise and bring out my potential in all areas of food. He is amazing x
Krystal Clark

If you are serious about wanting to shed weight and make a change for the better, I can recommend Kevin to help you achieve your goals.

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