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Fear & Phobia. Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Fear of Flying
Hi DOREEN here. Well I went on my Caribbean cruise, I went on a 10 hours flight going and the same coming back, with no problem at all, no panicking , no anxiety; nothing just got on enjoyed the flight and drinks. I had my dinner & watched movies; so thank you so much; I could not believe how I was ! My husband was very impressed with me. I did sit there thinking what's happened to me, because I would be in bits normally; but there was nothing, not even when there was turbulence, I didn’t even panic! I'm looking forward to going to India next year, the worlds my oyster now thanks to you!
I will definitely recommend you to anybody with anxiety! Once again thank you so much

People have different degrees of behavior and the reasons that may have manifested the phobia years ago, even during early childhood. No matter what the cause, the result is usually the same, causing feelings of absolute terror, inducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and panic.
Fear of Enclosed spaces, flying
"Thought you might like an e-postcard from Venice with a couple of pics from our 40th wedding anniversary trip, as you must take a lot of the credit for it happening at all. It was a fabulous trip and the plane journey was absolutely fine. I actually really enjoyed the return flight as I knew I wasn't going to be worried.
I just wanted to say a thank you from both of us.
With love and thanks from Venice.

What can be done about it?
Whether it is a phobia of spiders, phobia of flying, phobia of heights, phobia of enclosed spaces such as lifts or tube trains, fear of dentists or any other phobia or fear you may have. The phobia is normally rooted in the unconscious mind, which is an area that is particularly open to suggestion and change through hypnosis.

There are several alternative, very effective Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that can be used to treat Phobias of all kinds. All these techniques are gentle, with consideration to the person’s condition.

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