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Who is Kevin Porter?

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My Journey to Rapid Pain Elimination and Hypnotherapy
I became interested in Hypnotherapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through many years of coaching and supporting others in business and life to make changes for themselves; and also through the varied life experiences including becoming a Royal Navy Veteran at 18. I have personal experience of PTSD, anxiety and depression and the damage these conditions can have on individuals and their family. These experiences are shared with the world in my published book and diary FEARLESS - The Diary of An 18 Year Old at War in The Falklands and the Video can be seen here Fearless The Video

I adhere to my own strong ethical code and values; as well as The General Hypnotherapy Register's, and am also a Chartered Member of CIPD with over 20 years experience of Human Resource Management.
I am passionate about enabling individuals to enjoy life, succeed and achieve their goals, by helping them break free of limiting beliefs.

As a Sanomentologist, Professional Hypnotherapist with the General Hypnotherapy Register and Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist, I strongly believe that communication is the key to a successful life.

When you want too, and using the power of language and words to communicate and mediate between your unconscious and conscious mind, we can help you change your limiting beliefs and enable to achieve your desired outcomes.

The Secret to Success – YOU!
The best thing you can do is get good at being you!
Life should be fun and exciting. We face challenges along the way, and sometimes need a little help to overcome them.

Transformational Hypnotherapy operates globally via video link and also has calm, comfortable rooms in Kendal and Ulverston Natural Health Centre.
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Hypnotherapy in Cumbria. Mind Mediator

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

What is Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy?

I am a Mind Mediator to resolve your issues!
It is a unique and extremely effective method of pain relief, removing the old message of pain by a process I call Mind Mediation. This works for chronic pain whether physical or mental and can be removed in a single session.

It is advisable to remove the old pain, as the old messages can mask new problems you might ignore.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It runs your physical and emotional body. It stores all your memories and records all your habits and skills. It learns to protect you and some of those habits and skills that it has learned, are no longer helpful to you. By putting you into a relaxed state, using voice and words we re-programme your subconscious to create new and positive behaviours that change your limiting beliefs.

Remove your pain, not just pain management! Banish a phobia or fear such as fear of flying or fear of spiders, stop smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety, stress, trauma, PTSD, have more confidence. Call me for a free confidential chat 07593 899629 to help change your life with confidence.

How it Works

The processes used during sessions for Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy are termed as Mind Mediation. Many issues clients suffer with are due to a conflict between the Conscious and Unconscious mind.
We act as a mediator between the two, talking directly to the Unconscious to resolve these conflicts.

It is a powerful way to help your mind heal itself, by getting to the root of the problem quickly and safely; healing both physical and psychological problems to install new behaviours and healing.

As a Hypnotherapist, my aim is to build trust and help and guide you safely and confidently through the change you want to achieve.

Transformational Hypnotherapy operates globally via video link with clients in the UAE, South Africa, Spain and the UK and also has calm, comfortable rooms in Kendal and Ulverston.

As a Hypnotherapist in Cumbria Ulverston, Kendal, Millom, Coniston, Windermere, Grange over Sands, Barrow in Furness, The Lake District and Cumbria, I can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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