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The Kaleidoscope
When people come to coaching they are sometimes afraid that through the process of change they will lose some essential part of themselves. In fact who you are changes all the time as you grow older. People are made up of a collection of many parts, and those parts are continually re-arranging themselves.

I wonder if you have ever looked through a kaleidoscope, the child's toy with little bits of colored glass inside? In the kaleidoscope the same number of parts can be made to create millions of different patterns. The exact detail of the patterns is not under your control, but you can turn the lens as many times as you want to create more and more patterns until you find one that you want to keep.

I often think of people who come to coaching as having a pattern that they don't like and not being able to change it by themselves.
So really, all coaching does is to reorganise life's kaleidoscope into a more pleasing arrangement.

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Personal Breakthrough Session

A Personal Breakthrough session is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development then give you success and clarity to where you want to be now.

Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying:

  • I’m overwhelmed with things
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m overstressed with work
  • How can I break these habits?
  • I’m stuck in this cycle of failure

I will work with you to understand your life history and what goals you want to achieve. We'll identify:
  • The root cause of the problems holding you back
  • Identify your values that are congruent to you
  • Release limiting beliefs and emotions
  • Create realistic and achievable goals
  • You will focus on what you want

A Breakthrough session is carried out in one day usually 5 – 8 hours, and in two parts. I will explore with you your life history, ask deep and meaningful questions and find out what has to happen for you to know the problem is gone.

The second part of the Breakthrough session will be working with established and successful NLP Tools and interventions that you know will create the change you desire. These have been modelled over many years successfully to build lasting change.

You will experience amazing shifts throughout the day, enabling you to be focused and have clarity in your life. Together we will create a positive approach to dealing with negative emotions and remove limiting beliefs allowing you to drive your life, the way you want to live your life now.

Life Coaching in Barrow in Furness, Ulverston, Millom, Coniston, Windermere, Grange over Sands, Kendal, The Lake District and Cumbria

Coaching & Change. ANLP

Life Coaching

Coaching can help you to CONSISTENTLY achieve your specific & desired outcomes or goals'

Coaching can be used in your personal life to achieve all the things that we want whether personal or professional. It can be used for therapeutic coaching to get you over those obstacles in your way or take your career to new levels.

The coaching model I use has been modelled from hugely successful and powerful individuals and is an attitude that helps you take control of the things that happen which you believe you cannot control. You know you can control how you deal with those things.
It uses your minds own language to consistently achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

It provides powerful tools and methods that put you in control of your emotional state. Your emotional state is your choice!
You can choose to procrastinate, you can choose to struggle with a problem or you can choose to pick yourself up and take action.

Working together, we will use powerful tools to release you from, limiting beliefs, stress or anxiety, phobias and almost anything else that may be blocking you and move forward to help you develop in life, to be the best at being you.

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Create A Life You'll Love

Stage Fright & Confidence
I suffered severe stage fright when it came to performing a well rehearsed song, after a 1 hour session with Kevin I finally managed to jump this massive hurdle and got up at a local open mic night. Thanks to Kevin's advice and thought processes I can now improve my performances with more confidence. Many thanks Kevin.

Change your limiting beliefs and do exactly what you want to do:
  • Identify your true values
  • Set and achieve goals with clarity and purpose

Improve confidence and self-esteem in:
  • Meeting new people
  • Job interviews
  • Career Transition
  • Redundancy
  • Negotiating
  • Presentations
  • Eliminate phobias

Break bad habits such as:
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Nail biting
  • Sweet binges
  • Fizzy drinks

Have better relationships:
  • Work
  • Home
  • Play
  • Sport

Or anything else you feel would improve your life, by doing something positive about it.
It is about learning to control your thought process to change the way you think, change the way you feel and it changes what you can do.
Allow me to work with you to create the passion within to achieve the life you desire!
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