My Story

How Hypnotherapy, NLP & Sanomentogy
freed me from PTSD & Anxiety

Allow me to introduce myself!

I Struggled with PTSD, anxiety and depression for 20 years caused by active service in the Royal Navy before seeking help. I know the havoc that trauma and anxiety can wreak on individuals, their work and their family. I undertook years of talking therapies, pain killers  and courses of anti - depressants.

Many people struggle to let go of their past. They get stuck and often feel broken and cannot see a way through the blockage because they do not understand it – this was me!

Now, I help you change your life from anxiety, stress, addiction, physical pain as I have done mine – I have Slayed my Dragons!

I had a successful second career in senior HR Management with unique experiences and skills, won client awards, multi-million pound contracts, coaching management teams, building engagement and helping businesses grow.

Using the tools that helped me, Sanomentology, Hypnotherapy and NLP I give you the means to help you transform your lives and create the success and freedom you desire, by working with the awesome power of your unconscious mind.

How does hypnotherapy work

I lived through fear at war, which followed me through life and my career in senior HR Management at work. My mind losing focus on my goals and relationships, because; it was always focussed on the past. Anxiety and stress eating away at my mind.

Working with hypnotic language and hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist talked me into a relaxed state to be able to work with my unconscious mind to reframe my thoughts and create a more positive attitude.

Our minds work on two levels - Conscious and Unconscious.
The Conscious mind is what we use to make decisions, think and act.

Every thing we have ever learned sits within the Unconscious mind and behaviours and habits are created.
By working with the Unconscious mind we are able to break those habits and make change happen.

what is hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, is as old as mankind itself.
Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation which almost everyone can enjoy, accompanied by by feelings of relaxation and heightened awareness. When we get lost in a book, engrossed in a film or driven somewhere and arrived without thinking about it.
That's hypnosis!
Talking directly to your unconscious mind to make change happen,
Hypnotherapy is used in science, medical, dentistry, therapy and sports.  

We have expanded on Hypnotherapy to create Sanomentology allowing you to be free of your issues in a safe, effective and rapid way. Combining hypnotic language, philosophy, science and ancient scripts we can mediate with the unconscious mind to create more rapid change than we do with traditional hypnotherapy.

Final notes

As a Sanomentologist, I go direct to the root course, that you may not even know about; releasing those blockages, anxieties, stress and fear. Allowing you to reboot, with a smarter outlook to move you forward with clarity and freedom.

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