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Freedom from Anxiety, Stress & Addiction


Freedom! That is what you want is it not?

Transforming you life, through unique therapies, by clearing your anxiety to create freedom and success in life, career and business.

Create your freedom from anxiety, stress, trauma, addiction and any other blockages to your success.
Based in Kendal, Cumbria in the beautiful Lake District and Globally.

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Anxiety & Trauma
Clearance and Resolution after Emotional Traumatic Events getting to the root cause of your trauma and chronic anxiety without continually talking to relive your events and then clearing all unfinished business, safely and efficiently over our 4 week programme.

Freedom From Substance Process Addiction is a 4 week programme to release you from the chains and destruction of your addiction, whether illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol or stuck on the internet, porn, sex, gambling or any other addiction.

Chronic Pain
Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy and Mind Mediation programmes are over 4 weeks to clear your chronic anxiety, stress, chronic physical pains and long term injuries, phobias and poor habits to create clarity and freedom for the future.

Executive & Personal Coaching
Executive Coaching & Personal Coaching transforming executive and personal growth through coaching with the support of freedom from stress, anxiety, and addictions, through these programmes and 20 years of senior management experience - No fuss, no blather!

All programmes start with a free 30 minute call, to enable both of us to gain some understanding of each other, and for you to know that in making that call, you are ready to make the changes you want. At this point we will set up a mutually suitable time for your first session. So whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma or addiction or perhaps feeling stuck in life, make that call now!

We use the power of your unconscious to create rapid results safely and comfortably. You will be relaxed, but you will not necessarily be under in a normal way you would expect with hypnotherapy. You are safe, calm and in control. You will be amazed at the response your unconscious mind will create for your transformation. We refer to this as Mind Mediation and not Hypnotherapy and is highly effective at clearing anxiety, trauma, addiction and removing blockages to transform your life.
When you are wanting coaching for a new outlook on life, I combine these processes with other skills learnt over a lifetime of Royal Navy and senior Human Resources management, coaching and mentoring.

If we were a car we would be a 'Tesla': A revolutionary take on a fundamental principle!

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Be free of Anxiety, Stress or Addictions whether close to Kendal in Cumbria or globally.

Who is Kevin Porter?

The Secret to Success – YOU!
Life should be fun and exciting. We face challenges along the way, and sometimes need a little help to Slay Your Dragons

Therapists, will all have different approaches to treatment. My own is a no- nonsense stance — yet with empathy. You do not have to bare your soul to me, nor repeat old wounds. I need to know the base of what you are here for and how bad you feel. I then work mainly with Mind Mediation to help you clear your pain and create your new future.

I Struggled with PTSD, anxiety and depression for 20 years caused by active service in the Royal Navy, I know the havoc that trauma and anxiety can wreak on individuals, their work and their family. I undertook years of talking therapies and courses of anti - depressants.

Now; I do neither and I help you change your life from anxiety, stress, addiction, physical pain as I have done mine!

I lived through fear at war, which followed me through life and my career in senior HR Management at work. My mind losing focus on my goals and relationships, because; it was always focussed on the past. Worrying about whether I am good enough, do I fit in, who will I upset next? Anxiety and stress eating away at my mind. Though I had unique experiences and skills, won client awards, multi-million pound contracts, built engagement; there was always something missing.

Hypnotherapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) created a breakthrough whilst studying NLP; this blew my mind and created the clarity and freedom to develop my life to the success it is today. I truly realised the power of the mind!

Many people struggle to let go of their past. They get stuck and often feel broken and cannot see a way through the blockage because they do not understand it.

The frustration they feel creates fear and anxiety, from the hidden programmes that are keeping them stuck where they are.
It is like an overloaded computer, slowing down, mixing programmes and creating problems that you think you cannot fix. You can!

I help you gain the freedom, create confidence, change your beliefs, and allow you the success and happiness you desire.

These experiences are shared with the world in my published book and diary Fearless - The Diary of an 18 Year Old at War and the Video can be seen here Fearless Video

I adhere to my own strong ethical code and values; as well as The General Hypnotherapy Register's, and am also a Chartered Member of CIPD with over 20 years experience of transforming businesses and people in Human Resource Management.

Transformational Hypnotherapy & Coaching operates from Kendal in the beautiful Lake District and globally via video link, so where ever you are in the world contact me to create your clarity and freedom.
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