Why might you want to become a Sanomentologist?

Phenomenal Training!

Sanomentology is a perfect blend of therapeutic processes, breaking down the barriers between Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Theology.

It is split into three paths, The Path to Deep Healing, The Path to Enhancement and The Path to Enlightenment.

Reasons to join our team:
You want to learn some of the most effective and versatile therapeutic interventions in the world.

You want to experience the whole program for yourself so you know how your clients feel, while at the same time resolving your own issues.

You want ongoing support and training in what you learn, including new content, CPD, and a great team to help you for life.

The Path to Deep Healing
Is made up of a versatile, adaptable set of protocols that give fantastic results for physical pain, emotional pain, PTSD, addictions, weight management, phobias, anxiety, depression etc. You name it, one of our team has probably treated it successfully.

The Path to Enhancement
Is made up of a set of tools, created and designed to resolve issues that may be holding a person back. These may range from fears of success or failure, ego issues, beliefs, and a multitude of other issues.The tools will allow the client to resolve these in a safe and gentle way, paving the way forward to reach their full potential and strive for success in whatever they do.

The Path to Enlightenment
Takes everything to a deeper level, understanding the why and how of the therapeutic processes, taking knowledge from the ancient texts and modernizing it to fit todays society. The basic Laws are discussed, and the program teaches how to use these Laws to the advantage of the client. This part of the program brings everything together in a way that gives the client and trainee true Mastery over their own lives.

program dates

All programs are flexible and you can join or be on any of the dates
The Path to Deep Healing 2021
04-07th May
15-16th & 22-23rd May (Weekend Dates)

07-10th June
19-20th & 26-27th June (Weekend Dates)

Hypnotherapy in Cumbria for Stress, addiction, PTSD, Anxiety with Kevin Porter.
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