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Welcome to The Lakes School of Hypnotherapy based in Kendal within the beautiful Lake District.
We offer a range of IPHM Accredited training to enhance your life, create new careers and change the lives of your clients.
Whether you are are a therapist already or new to the world of therapy, we offer flexible methods of training to open your eyes to a whole new world!
All courses are live in person for complete interaction as well as online streamed live from Kendal.

Reasons to join our team:
Sanotherapy is probably the most powerful set of protocols available in the Therapy world today! 

Training you how to use your voice effectively with the power of dreams and trance like states to quickly and effectively transform lives.  

The IPHM Diploma in Sanotherapy teaches the ideas, theories,and protocols needed to help yourself and others with an extremely wide range of issues, from physical pain to addiction, anxiety to weight management, plus tools to enhancewellbeing, confidence, courage, fearlessness,  thinking, potential, and manifestation.

You are provided with a full suite of protocols to use and grow your buisness whilst transforming lives.  

You will attain the Mind Mediation Diploma through a 16 day programme, run 1 day a week or 3 full weeks.

Diploma in Sanotherapy
Is made up of a versatile, adaptable set of protocols that give fantastic results for physical pain, emotional pain, PTSD, addictions, weight management, phobias, anxiety, depression etc. You name it, one of our team has probably treated it successfully.

Using tools created and designed to resolve issues that may be holding a person back. These may range from fears of success or failure, ego issues, beliefs and a multitude of other issues.The tools will allow the client to resolve these in a safe and gentle way, paving the way forward to reach their full potential and strive for success in whatever they do.

The Path to Enlightenment
On completion of Your Sanotherapy Diploma, you can enroll onto The Path to Enlightenment, which takes everything to a deeper level, understanding the why and how of the therapeutic processes, taking knowledge from the ancient texts and modernising it to fit today's society. The basic Laws are discussed and the programme teaches how to use these Laws to the advantage of the client. This part of the programme brings everything together in a way that gives the client and trainee true mastery over their own lives.

Reasons to join our team:
The opportunity to work with traditional hypnotherapy methods to create long lasting change.

You will know what it is like to experience change through hypnotherapy training.

You want ongoing support and training in what you learn, including new content and CPD.

You will be able to set up your own practice to attract and support clients.

You will attain the full Diploma Training over 16 days which is run flexibly over 8 weekends or in 3 full weeks.

Hypnotherapy Foundation Certificate
Your first step towards a career in Hypnotherapy! The course is designed to give students the history and language of Hypnotherapy, to provide the practical applications of hypnosis. You will experience hypnosis and be able to induce a hypnotic state for others on the first day! You will be able to create your own induction scripts to facilitate trance state.; giving you the confidence to use hypnosis with friends and family to help them change their lives with relaxation, weight management or become non smokers.

Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy
The Diploma course is available after successful completion of the Foundation Course and course work. It will be completed over 11 days to ensure you are a confident Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner.
We will go into greater depth of hypnotherapy and demonstrate the practical applications for treating depression, fears & phobias and trauma amongst other interventions.
There will be guidance on setting up your own business, marketing and how to adhere to national standards.

programMe dates

Sano Therapy Diploma April 2023
Taking you Beyond Hypnotherapy
Start 1st April - 25th June
Alternative weekends


Hypnotherapy in Cumbria for Stress, addiction, PTSD, Anxiety with Kevin Porter.
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