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Sanomentology is a perfect blend of therapeutic processes, breaking down the barriers between Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Theology.

It is split into three paths, The Path to DeepHealing, The Path to Enhancement and The Path to Enlightenment.

The Path to Deep Healing is made up of a versatile, adaptable set of protocols that give fantastic results for physical pain, emotional pain, PTSD, addictions, weight management, phobias, anxiety, depression etc. You name it, one of our team has probably treated it successfully.

how sanomentology works for your clients

Working at a deep level in the mind Sanomentology gets to the root of the problem, untangles the issue and allows the mind to reroute its programming for the better.

Hypnotherapy in Cumbria for Stress, addiction, PTSD, Anxiety with Kevin Porter.
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