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The word "addiction" is derived from a Latin term for "enslaved by" or "bound to." If you have an addiction, or know anyone that has, you’ll understand this.

In short it is an illness that you need help to overcome.

You could be free of your addiction during our 4 week Freedom from Substance and Process Addiction Programme.

Working at a deep level in the mind Sanomentology gets to the root of the problem, untangles the issue and allows the unconscious mind to reroute its programming for the better.

Working with you and including a significant other into the programme, the first thing you will do is to set a date within our 4-week programme for you to be addiction free.

We do this because when you are told you are not allowed something you are addicted to, the critical faculty will kick in and reject the whole idea. However, if we set a date of 4 weeks in the future, the critical faculty is not alerted to the situation, and thinks it has time to address it. This will allow you and I to bypass it to change the programming. Although you are setting a date in the future, usually my clients find they have given up the addiction much earlier than this.

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