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Begin your journey to innerpeace & happiness to live a more meaningful and satisfying life.

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Our Clarity retreats offer a unique experience, within nature to give you a chance to connect with yourself and others. To relax, improve wellbeing and mindfulness. The opportunity to unwind with Yoga, walking, wild swimming and coaching.

Kevin lives by his own values and standards - leaving the senior HR management career he had laid before him to truly follow his heart. And as someone who has 'been there, seen it, and done it', he has lived many of the ups and downs he is so passionate about helping others to deal with, enabling him to provide a truly transformational experience and get their lives back on track.

 Our Clarity Mind retreats are tailored to individual needs,and are designed to help you to create a healthier, more balanced life. The Yoga is designed for all levels & our other group therapies enhance the relaxing nature of yoga in nature.

Our coaches will help you to explore your personal development, relationships, communication and mindfulness. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space, where you can explore and identify the root causes of your challenges, and develop the skills and strategies to help you move forward. We offer a unique combination of evidence-based therapies, nature-based activities, mindfulness, self-carepractices, combined with a supportive, compassionate, and understanding environment. These include Yoga, Mind Mediation (Byond Hypnosis), Meditation

Accommodation is provided in a variety of options, from Shared spaces to exclusive rooms we have something for everyone.

We have a carefully constructed menu that will help create clarity, freeing your mind from blockages and allowing you to understand your own values & nature based activities that are varied enough to cover the needs of individuals, groups and corporate teams. This has been created by Kevin, using tools and techniques that supported his change to help him begin to help others.

1. Mind Mediation Therapy to eliminate any physical, emotional pain and blockages to open your mind for future growth.

2. Cold Water Therapy to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation,improving risks factors for cardiovascular disease & blood pressure.

3. Connection with Nature: The natural environment can be a source of greathealing. Spending time in nature can help to bring clarity to the mind andpeace to the soul.

4. Connection With Others: it can also be a great opportunity to connect withother participants in the group. The shared experience of silence can oftenbring people together in unexpected ways. 

5.Coaching: Values are the core of everything we do. They are our guidingprinciples. Understanding your true values to help guide you through your future self, relationships, business and life.

6. Relaxation, one of the main benefits of Clarity Retreats is the opportunity to completely relax and unwind in nature. The lack of noise, the peaceful setting, and the absence of technology can be a great way to recharge and restore balance.

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