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Our retreats are held in tranquil and secluded locations inor on the coastal edge of the beautiful Lake District a UNESCO World Heritagesite. We are offering guests the opportunity to experience a true escape fromthe hustle and bustle of modern life. Leaving behind, technology, cars and phones except in an emergency.


Our retreats will offer a range of activities, including MindMediation (Beyond Hypnotherapy) yoga, meditation, wild water swimming, nature walksand coaching; to help guests relax, reset, connect with nature and find clarity within your mind and body. A chance to explore you, elicit your true values and refresh & reset your mind and body.


Encouraging people to slow down, be part of theenvironment and enjoy the beauty and be mindful of what they are seeing has huge benefit.

There is one powerful theme that threads the activitiestogether - deep connection to nature in places of outstanding natural beauty. Connection begets connections.  This is not only an emotional state that we all yearn for but one that inspires self worth, productivity,functionality, health and positive behaviour towards ourselves and one another.  It places us in the upward flow with the bestof humanity.

A place to reset, relax and be calm completely

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